Precision course

The precision course was representative for the dressage contest of the world equestrian games. Each obstacle a skill was tested which is required for the fulfillment of dressage lesson. Here as well some tasks yielded more points for higher gaits, th riders were free to ride for safety or could to take a risk. The riders collected points at each of the course marks and in addition got style points for their ride. At this test we had to master a nature's handicap, it was raining cats and dogs, as can been seen quite well on some of the pictures...

Precision course: Sabine

Sabine on Galina during the entrance to the course


Precision course: Vivien

Challenge 1: "Emergency brake"

At the emergency brake a segment is being ridden at a gait of free choice up to a marking (at the picture above: Blue barrels). There the rider does a full halt and brings his/her horse to a compact stop at shortest possible distance. By means of the orange caps the stopping distance was measured and corresponding points were assigned.


Precision course: Maria

Challenge 2: Strike off from a halt

Here the rider has to put his horse immediately into the choosen gaiti without the horse doing intermediate steps in a lower gait.


Precision course: Samira

Challenge 3: Pole circle

The challenge here were four poles laid on a circle, the outside slightly raised, so that the horses had to lift their feet. Here too the freedom of gait was granted. The riders had to ride a circle as round as possible and traverse the poles in the mid. Deviations from the set course and touched poles were faults.


Precision course: Peter

Challenge 4: Water cup

In challenge 4 a filled water cup had to be lifted from a barrel and be transported to a second barrel 40m away at any gait. After placing the cup on the destination barrel the residual water in the cup was measured.


Precision course: Ellen

Challenge 5: Canvas bottleneck


Precision course: Nadine

Challenge 5: Canvas bottleneck, here on the long rains

Her a canvas had to be traversed that had a narrowing build by poles. This had to be masterd without nudging and trespassing. Whlie approaching and onto the canvas the flow of the horses movement should be kept evenly.


Precision course: Nadine

Precision course: Nadine

Precision course: Nadine 

Challenge 6: Pole-U


Precision course: Peter

Challenge 6: Pole-U, here conventionally ridden

The pole-U queries the responsiveness of the horse. It is entered forwards, followed by a sideways phase and the U is left again backwards. Again no nudging or trespassing of the poles is allowed and an even flow of movevent and -transition in between the individual directions of movement was favoured.


Precision course: Vivien

Vivien with Zayana at the course


Precision course: Samira

Succeeded! Samira and Moritz successfully finished the course


The winners of the precision course:

1. Sabine and Gamil
2. Vivien and Zayana
3. Sabine and Galina


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