Cross Country

This contest was subject to the runners only. It is representative for the cross-country corse of the eventing competitions. The corse went across country, over moats and over shaky bridges. The course went just around our paddocks, so that the spectators could see everything.

Cross Country: Vivien

Water scenery of the cross country course


Cross Country: Ellen

On the way back through the water scenery


Cross Country: Maria

Over the shaky bridge


Cross Country: Tanja

The shaky brigde from the worm's eye view


Cross Country: Marc

Exploiting unused asparagus canvas: Our wall


Cross Country: Tanja

The "Q-stretch"


Cross Country: Maria

Sprint towards the last obstacles


Cross Country: Mark



Cross Country: Vivien

Tire lane


The results of the cross country contest:

1. Vivien
2. Marc
3. Tanja

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