Open stable olympic games 13th-14th October 2012

"It's the taking part that counts"

We modelled our own riding Olympic Games on the "real" Olympic Games with different disciplines. Originally the term "Olympiad" thereby denominates the four-year period between two Olympic Games. As such our Olympiad fits well into the time between two Olympic Games. For the arrangement of our Olympiad we were geared to the ancient Olympic Games and thereof built a mix with the disciplines of the World Equestrian games*.

To promote the team spirit and to foreground the joy with sportive activities - loosely based on the Olympic idea "It's taking part that counts" - we formed teams whose members were corporately fighting for medals. In acient Greece the games were devoted to the gods, following this we alotted our teams to different gods. So at first we present here the participating teams:


Team Apollon

Apollon is the Grecian god of youth, light and arts

Team Apollon

Vivien, Maria and Mark


Team Nike

Nike is the Grecian goddess of (a fair) victory

Team Nike

Peter, Sabine, Tanja and Marc


Team Poseidon

Poseidon is the Grecian god of the sea, the earthquake and the creator of the horse

Team Poseidon

Nadine, Samira and Ellen


Olympic contests took part in the following disciplines:


And of course spectators had their joy, too, and mixed up with our athlets during breaks:



* At this place we would have been happy to display the Olympic Rings to beef up the look of this site. However, if you take a look at this link here (German) and behold the corresponding German law, you will quickly be put off. Namely we don't feel like being admonished or getting some advocate trouble from shady trade mark trolls and alike, thus we better dropped that...

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