New Year's jumping 05/01/2013

In every riding stable a "jump into the new year" belongs to a good start of the year. Of course we enjoy such a thing, too. However, caused by the weather our New Year's jumping took place not before the 5th of January. So everyone had the opprtunity to recover from the New Year's Eve party and to have a good night's rest:

Gazin verschläft Neujahr


Our obstacle course waited for all the well-rested, including the pictured joker that all horses found very impressive...

Frohes neues Jahr


Our New Year's jumping was staged as a point jumping with joker. For this everybody was granted a scheduled time to get over as many obstacles as possible. These could be jumped in any order and direction, oxers of course from one side only. Also the height could be defined by everybody by means of courage and confidence, so everybody could assemble his/her show-jumping course ad libitum. Whether this was conquered on the horses back or with the horse led at hand was left over to themselves. Depending on the mastered jumping height an according amount of points was awarded. For the joker that could be jumped optionally even a double number of points were awarded, however in case of a refusal these were equally subtracted. At the end all participants received a lucky charm of marzipane as a delicious reminder of the sportive beginning of the new year.

Vivien mit Zayana


Ellen mit Zayana


 Ranking of the riders

  1. Vivien with Zayana
  2. Sabine with Gamil
  3. Sabine Reis with Kira
  4. Sabine with Galina
  5. Ellen with Zayana
  6. Peter with Gassur
  7. Maria with Galina

 Maria mit Amira


Vivien mit Legolas


Vivien mit Legolas


Ranking of the runners with led horse:

  1. Peter with Gassur
  2. Maria with Amira
  3. Sabine with Gamil
  4. Vivien with Legolas





 An old door closes and a new one opens
and so again there's a chance for you
to leave the way you're on to take another one
and not to look behind but just to look forward

We wish everyone a happy new year 2013!


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