Hogwarts Trail

When witches ride horses

„Hogwarts, Hogwarts, warthoggy Hogwarts...“ sang the participants enthusiastically on Whitsunday, the 11th + 12th June 2011, during the trail of Rodgau-Arabiens in Nieder-Roden, where all present Harry-Potter-fans got theirs moneys worth.


After the „first graders“ had been elected on Saturday afternoon by the Sorting Hat into their respective houses – Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin – the twelve to 46-year-old wizzard apprentices on the „school of witchery and cavalry“ at first had to take some lessons.



Together with the herbage witch they roamed over the horse pasture and searched different medical plants like camomile, ribwort and co. Subsequently they eavesdropped in history of witchcraft to a lecture over Ullrich, the odd fish and build small dragon models in defense against the dark arts.




But the possibly most favoured lesson was art of witchcraft, where the participants should let ballons fly with their wands via electrostatic charging. Some succeeded with this exercise and they could be happy about points for their house team.

After this brain and slickness teaser the participants and organisers boosted themselves with pie and chocolate frogs. The sun had disapeared behind the horizon long ago and the candles in the party tent, which had been decorated affectionately in imitation to the great hall in the Harry-Potter films, were burning since hours, but nobody yet thought of going to sleep. There was a lot of laughing while the young together with the grownups passed the time with Twister and Jelly-Beans (in almost every flavor). In between the organizers catered for exhilaration by rehearsed film scenes, where they depicted different Harry-Potter personalities. And notwithstanding the head of school explicitly warned them in his welcome speech, the youngsters merged for a small night hike through the forbidden forest, before they called on the dormitories in terms of tents and haylofts after midnight. Only the elderly participants prefered the domestic beds.

On sunday morning everybody gathered in the tent for a joint breakfast and to read the current new in the daily prophet. Towards midday the participants started out in duades mounted, by foot or by carriage for a quest ride or rather run or drive all around the estates.



On the way they passed the Quidditch-area and had to execute different exercises with balls. Especially difficult hereby was the broom polo on horseback, where Sabine Brockamp on Pharao shone.

On the afternoon all groups successively came back from the terrain and execpt the Hufflepuffs every team brought back their Golden Snitches that had been hidden on the way. The Quidditch-Cup was won by Gryffindors and Ravenclaws with 160 points each.


Now bravery and courage was required, as the „pupils“ stepped down into the dungeon (respectively entered the riding arena), to rescue the Philosopher's Stone of the evildoer Voldemort. For it they had to master different exercises e. g. traverse the „Devil's Snare's Labyrinth“ contact-free, hunt down a montain troll with a lance and sing the three-headed dog Fluffy to sleep.












Furthermore it was meant to solve different magic riddles. Four participants, among them the Hufflepuffs Charlotte Burkart with Pamiro, Patrizia Schmied-Enzmann with Marius and Ellen Schallmayer, as well as Gryffindor Maria Morgenstern, could master all exams, took the Philosopher's_Stone out of the treasure chest and handed it over to the headmaster.


Much moaning arose when the „pupils“ for the year-end audit were being called into the tent, where not only Harry-Potter-knowlegde was inquired but also the freshly gained skills about medicinal herbs as well as fundamentals about astronomy was aked. While the organizers still busily added points, the barbecue was ignited and the tent filled with participants and affiliates. Despite the jolly spirit tension rose, because the release of the reports was imminent. But there was reason for rejoice, because all pupils were graduated. The crows became even louder when the scores of the house teams were announced. Nadine Lesnik, competing with pony Moritz, received the house cup for her team, the Slytherins, who won with 558 points. Far beyond the Gryffindors reached the second place with 467 points. The Ravenclaws followed with 404 points and the Hufflepuffs with 393 points on the third and forth rank.


On closing all together once again sung the Hogwarts-anthem, before one after another sought out for his domestic bed. Many pronounced their accolade for the successful event and expressed their whishes for the next year...

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