Ground exercises

Horses promise fun not only when ridden. Also from the ground you can do a lot. Whereas the term "ground exercises" must be conceived rather widespread. It covers such entirely different things like lunging, working on the long rein, circus gym, calmness checks, natural horsemanship and many more. We as well do ground exercises of different types with our horses, and on the following pages we'd like to introduce some of them to you.

That our horses aren't afraid of many things, but on the contrary curiously examine them on their own accord or trustfully let themselves been brought close to them could be seen on the following pictures. When encountering completely new, on the first impression for the animals terrifying things of course a proper share of training is necessary. You just have to take the time it needs, and it will succeed.

 Zayana mit Plane

Galina und die Sackkarre

Zara, Zayana und die Brücke

Amira und die Brücke

Amira auf der Wippe

Amira auf der Wippe

Galina und die Brücke

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