Riding arena & paddocks

In your own open stable a riding arena will be a real compromise - if you don't have very much money at your fingertips or aren't willing to spend it therefor! And you don't even need to think about a rinding hall. Even a special floor covering for the arena will not come into consideration for the private open stable owner, on the one hand due to the consts and on the other hand due to the limitations imposed by the lower nature conserving authority that you will have to observe. We too are already glad to have a place available that is big enough for riding and that can be used for this - from time to time. Ultimately you are very, very subject to changes in weather. During rainfall you often simply have no delight to ride in the arena. During snowfall you will abstain from it most of the time as well. And during midsummer it might well be much too hot. Luckily our arena has a sandy soil that does not get muddy too quickly, even after heavy rainfall, instead it dries up quite quickly and can well be used then. The disadvantage of this is that during a dry season it dries out quite quickly and starts dusting. As we don't have a water lock in our stable but have to bring over all water a watering of the arena is self-explanatorily banned during such periods. However, the sandy ground is by all means better than an undryable mudhole!

Tremendously important for the riding arena and the paddocks is the daily painstaking cleansing. Even small, leftover pieces of manure will in the medium term result in a strong pollution with the problems associated with it. When cleaning arena and paddocks it is unavoidable to unintendedly remove a small amount of soil, too. Over the years you will realize that you are indeed about to dig yourself into the ground millimeter-wise. We as well noticed at some time that our estate meanwhile lies a few cm lower than the surrounding land! In the long term you can't bypass backfilling one or another cubic meter of sand.

A few years ago we began to pave the most used areas of our paddocks with paddock panels after backfilling the soil. Due to the well draining sandy ground we could do without the separate insertion of a subjacent drainage without immersing in mud. However, under other ground conditions this may be completely different! With these panels we could strongly confine the perpetual carying off of soil. Even better, the paved region is much easier to clean. Simply sweep up everything, put it into the dung wheelbarrow and that's it. This represents a very huge assistance and thus we can highly recommend the usage of paddock panels. The panels are available from different manufacturers, you'll find the usual differences in price and quality.

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