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At this point a petition for the production of usable tools. But let's start from scratch - with one popular stable tool. We are adressing here a high-quality manure scoop, even if of course other stable tools are affected, too. Well, let's have a look at the standard manure scoop, as it can be bought at every rider's outfitter. What do you get for your money's worth? In essence on the one hand a plastic bowl with a bended piece of tube attached to it and on the other hand a handle with a welded on, meander-shapedly folded wire. Where's the problems? - Many! Way too many!

  • The manure scoop is constructed in a way that it has an awkwardly allocated balance point. Even with a bit of manure already collected the thing overturns backwards if not placed on absolutely even ground. I don't know how many times I had to pick up such an overturned thing. In any case it was so often that meanwhile I'm really excessively upset about such constructional incapabilities!
  • During the winter time often the manure is frozen up to the stable ground. Don't ever come up with the idea to try to loosen them with the leading edge of the scoop. The manure scoop is lacking the leading metal edge as every lousy snow shovel has one, that could prevent the plastic corpus from rupturing. Additionally a leading metal egde would automatically shift the balance point towards the front, so that the thing stops overturning!
  • At the tool sector impact-proof plastics are common practice. The handle of a screw driver can be maltreated with a hammer without a problem, without damaging the plastics. However, the plastic bowls of the manure scoops are made from cheapest plastics. In the winter time the material embrittles, it cracks under load and breaks after a short usage time. Here not a single manure scoop survided just one winter undamaged.
  • The tube used as a handle isn't better at all. The material is so low-quality that it starts rusting after a short while and after a few months of usage it has rusted through and the manure scoop can be thrown away. If you're unlucky the plastic bowl is attached to the tube with cheapest rivets, they do rupture even before the tube rusts through.
  • Besides from the incessant overturning the ergonomics of the tool is lousy. The handle tube has such a small diameter that after lengthy usage my hand goes to sleep due to the constrained convulsive posture of the manure scoop. A vivid proof for the fact that the person who constructed this didn't have to work with it for a single day!
  • As well the material of the "wire spiral coil" is of selected low quality. And the sloppily made welding points rupture after a short time, the whole device desolately rusts on.
  • Last but not least the plastics of the bowls have the unpleasant property to be very sticky in terms of mud and sludgy manure. During winter time you collect a load of dirt - and then you're hardly getting it into the barrow. In consequence you have to dash the scoop against the barrow to loosen the dirt. This is not beneficial for the anyway limited lifetime.

All told we must put to record, those things are by all expliciteness the last-ditch bullshit! Cheapest crap, lousy quality, a constant, steady nuissance! We did already ask our rider's outfitter, unfortunately there are just these kind of manure scoops and it seems they are constantly build cheaper. The only "innovation" on the sector of manure scoops seems to be that you're now able to buy them not only in black but also in all other kinds of ugly colors - Very rip-roaring! We would thankfully be willing to pay twice the price to get a usable manure scoop - if something like that could be bought! I would imagine a bowl made of impact-proof plastics, best with some nonstick coating, e. g. Teflon. In addition a reasonable, ergonomic handle, the metal parts made from stainless steel, at the front a leading metal edge. But actually nil return! Therefor at this place now our petition to all manure scoop manufacturers and to all that distribute them:

Dear Krämer, Lösdau, all you smaller dealers and you manufacturers of stable demands:

Ultimately build and distribute a reasonable, robust, durable manure scoop that endures even the usage in an open stable for more than a couple of months!

We would be very thankful! And in order that no one steals my numerous ideas of how a really usable manure scoop has to look like and earns a hole lot of money with it I hereby lay claim to the authorship of the ideas for the manure scoop described above. If someone likes to build this I would like to have my mite of it - after all we have a lot of horses to feed!

Or does the ingenious manure scoop already exist after all and we didn't yet hear of it? Then please mail us very, very quickly!

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