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We often hear from people who want to take their horse out of the convential box stabling and put him/her into an open stable. And than there are some who are toying with the idea, to acquire an open stable on their own, because they want to do everything on their own, or they have special demands which they don't see fulfilled anywhere. wants to make available our experience with the own open stable. We started our open stable many years ago, at a time when "husbandry in an open stable" wasn't a big issue yet. The own open stable came into being more or less from necessity and in several steps and less in full intent.

But first of all an important warning to all that may approach the own open stable a bit naive:

ParagraphPlease don't come up with the idea to simply lease a piece of land somewhere and put your sheds on it! During the last years, at least here in Hesse, the lower nature conservation authority was very active and took a close look at everything standing around on fields, forrests and grassland. Hereupon many, many people that had placed a few sheds onto a paddock or build a small shed for their allotment garden had to demolish the whole stuff, partly with a lot of money and after the construction had been standing there for decades! Who wants to build his own open stable categorically needs an official approval and the lower nature conservation authority will enact nature stipulations upon this you must fulfill. As an example our paddock neighbors had to dislocate their shed because it was placed too close to a rivulet acording to the athorities. As well we may no longer put our horses manure onto a dungheap but must dump it onto a trailer that is racked out regularly. That the farmer who does it for us dumps it onto a field not far away for fertilization can't make any big difference from an environmental point of view, thus this enactment of the lower nature conservation authority appears absurd and unintelligible. But on the other hand we have no stimulus to discuss this with the authority, in case of doubt they do have more pull. Rather we are happy that our stable has an official approval on the part of the authorities and thus is build legally. If you manage to get an approval from the authorities for your open stable this is valid for the status quo. You may not later on simply add something. At this point of course we cannot give any legal advice, as we are not qualified therefor. Hence everybody is urgently adviced to get into direct contact with the responsible authorities already during the planning phase and to get informed about the effective legal situation and the applicable regulations!

After the legal stuff (unavoidably) briefly has been brought up we'll continue with the topic itself:

And if we forgot something important in this listing then go ahead and mail us about it!

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