Our open stable

Our open stable has changed a lot over the years. The priming was 1994 as a client in an existing, private, small open stable. When the number of horses increased in a short time we leased a contiguous piece of field und fit to our needs. 2001 we freed from the client stable and managed our open stable autonomously. Over the years things have been build, extended, converted, added, adapted and sometimes also ripped off again. Then a big cut took part in 2013. We realized the dream of an own farm and moved. The old stable was completely dismantled. The new home land offered many things we could build upon. In the years after we improved many things and spruced it up. We give a review of the old and an insigth of the new open stable. Have fun rummaging...

 Pharao im Garten

 The realization of the dream "The own horses directly at the house"

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