Black Eagle

Schwarzer Adler


Hello dear visitors,

I'd like to tell you a story. It is my story, and I am the Black Eagle.

I was born the 18th of June 1978 in Neu-Ulm on a farmstead. My mother died short after birth and I was raised with the bottle. When I was grown up, my former owner sold me to a woman and then I had a whole lot of owners.

My actual boss dicovered me on the stables where here own horse stood. And then she stood very often in front of my box and was completely tempted by my awesome exterior. Back then she told me that she would buy me immediately if not she already owned a horse. Every now and then my owner let her ride on me which impressed her even more because I was a real crack in the show-jumping course. One day, in September 1988, the two talked about money and a short time thereafter I moved into another building in the stable.

There I became very agressive and I let loose on everybody who dared to stick his head into my box. Back then my boss was completely distressed when I received her like that and she stood perplexed in front of my box. It was there where a riding apprentice who was riding me as well found her. He said one had to slap the halter around my ears and to properly make one's point. My boss raised concerns that she came along without a halter until recently. But the apprentice said I was a rascal, the halter wouldn't do any harm and he instantly demonstrated the handling. After this therapy I was very offended but let me being haltered. By the way, my boss did not have to slap the halter around my ears anymore, but flattening my ears while haltering for years was an affair of honour.

At this time my boss observed another rider, how she battered against the fencing of my box with her whip while passing by. I instantly jumped against the door but it didn't open. My boss then railed at the alien rider and demanded her to stop that. But some "horse friends" continued to do it when they believed being unperceived.

With the boss' other horse I got along well right from the start. Sam wanted to be the chief and I wasn't objected. He was a nine-year-old Trakehnen breed gelding. She bought him a year ago. Sam was her first horse. He was a fastidious lad and didn't like to eat the hay. He became very thin which our boss disliked. The operators of the boarding stable said, this was due to the fact that she constantly was out and about with Sam in the fields and meadows. Our boss said it was rather due to the badly smelling hay. I didn't find the hay so bad and most of the other horses ate it as well.

Henceforth I was free to go onto the paddock together with Sam. Whee, that was fun! We wallowed in the sand and rushed the paddock up and down. When our boss came and brought us back into the stable, she called us litterbugs and fluke-urchins.

When I was about four weeks with her, I had an accident on the paddock. She came in the evenings to bring us inside and there my left hindleg hurt so badly. I could hardly walk.

Later after the vet had examined me, he said my sinew had ruptured above the subtalar joint. He could only guess that I must have stepped into a hole while gallopping and pulled out the leg with much verve.

I was not allowed to stand into my box, instead I had to enter such tight thing called stand. There my boss let me stand eternally and rubbed in my leg with a ghastly liquid. My fur extinguished and it burned on my skin. After a while I tried to bite or kick everybody who entered my stand. Some day at length I was free to leave the stand. My leg didn't hurt anymore. But instead of letting me run on the paddock again I was allowed to walk a bit up and down on the stables alleyway. This was soo boring! But at least I could go back into my old box.

After some time I was reconsituted but after only three months I got an acroarthritis in the sinew of the left front leg. There was a similar procedure but I could stay in my box this time and they spared me with this blister.

Around that time my right eye started to water and I could not properly see with it. The vet diagnosed I had periodic ophthalmitis on the right eye. After he had left the boss whispered into my ear I was the most beautiful one eyed flatfood she ever bought. When our boss should get her own offspring there was a girl that should ride Sam and me for a while. But the woman from the boarding stable said this was not possible. Our boss should give us into a riding training. There the boss waved about with her arms in front of the woman and was very upset. Two days later, in May 1989, we moved to another stables.

Initially it was very nice there. Besides Sam and myself there were nine other horses. We were allowed to go onto the paddock alot and Sam became very bulky because he suddenly started to eat hay again.

In January 1990 I suddenly became very sick. I came into the vet clinic with supicion of strong colics. Later the vet said my liver data was worse than that of an alcoholic, my gut flora had completely collapsed and due to this I had a high-grade blood-poisoning.

I stood in the clinic for three weeks and I got many, many infusions and had to go to the drip. When I could return home I was rather weak and rattling meager. From this time on I very often had this nasty bellyache which our boss allways called cramping colics.

Over the time our court became more and more crowded. From 11 horses became 20 and from 20 finally became 40. In the winter time we had a hall of 20m × 40m available. It wasn't cozy anymore, but poky everywhere.

In May 1993 a young girl came and we four made a nice hack. One week later Sam was loaded onto a trailer. When the trailer left the court we summoned each other as loud as we could but the trailer departed further and further until we could not hear each other anymore. We never saw each other again. I didn't eat for two days and my boss was very sad for many days.

In Septemer 1993 we moved to a smaller court. Except me there were 12 other horses. We came in alteration two hours each day onto the pasture or onto the sand paddock, depending on the time of the year. The fodder there was ample and delicious. My boss was very pleased at long last to see me well-fed again. Only the problem with my colics persisted and due to extensive standing into the box my hooves became very bad and my legs started being swollen.

In May 1995 my boss brought me onto a paddock during a hack. There stood a small, old shetty named Benny. Because Benny was lonely there, his onwer searched someone as a companion. We made big friends. Two moths later my boss came with a small lad whom she called Pinokjo, but we wanted to have none of him. Pinokjo was a one-year-old German riding pony and for us two elderly gentlemen simply much too annoying. Luckily he then rediasppeared for about one year. The boss said he was on a stallions pasture where lots of other buggers in his age would scuffle.

Adler und Pinokjo

I enjoyed the time with Benny on the Paddock. Only once when Benny was taken out for a stroll I was full of panic to be left alone and I climbed onto the dungheap and from there jumped over the fence. As I couldn't spot Benny anywhere I ran to the nearby farmstead where my boss had bought me. After some time she came running and took me out of the box where the operators of the farmstead had put me. No minute too early by the way, as I already had eaten almost all the hay that a friendly human gave me. Strangely I had the feeling she was somehow indignant. But why? I even saluted her with a friendly neighing. When she saw all the scratches and scrapers that I incurred she was in a gracious mood again.

So the first year passed by when I lived in an open stable. Since I was able to run around outside as I liked, I didn't have one single colic anymore. And my hooves were in good condition again, too. In July 1996 Pinokjo returned and the boss had my shoes removed, as I had removed the front shoes myself several times. She said that this way I wouldn't break all of little Pinokjos bones if I should kick him - as he was yet much too agile! In the past I very often got an abscess on the hooves when I stepped on a stone, but I did not have any problems with that anymore.

Adler und Pinokjo

And then, in August 1996, she came! In the middle of the night the boss brought Galina, a one-year-old, dark brown thoroughbred mare. Meanly Galina was placed together with Pinokjo onto a separate paddock attached shortly before. Benny and I stood on our old paddock. But Galina and I stood nevertheless the whole night together, as close as the fence bar in between us allowed. And Galina started to smell deliciously and I found this incredibly exciting!

When the boss in the morning came for feeding I could for the first time encounter eithout a fence separating us. But Benny and Pinokjo wanted to go to her as well, so I initially had to chase them away. I couldn't tolerate them approaching her closer than about 15m. I rather would have chased away the boss, but she put herself in front of me and told me I should not forget who was in authority. Moreover, in my overeagerness due to Galina being on heat, I should not forget I was a gelding - What she might have meant with that?

So another year passed by. Pinokjo and Galina alternatively joint us on hacks into fields and meadows.

In October 1997 I had to go to the horse clinic again. I had two ulcers on my penis that were removed by surgery. The tissue-sample showed that there were partially benign and malign tumors. The vet solaced my boss by telling her that this kind of cancer would grow towards the outside only and thus could easily be monitored. Besides he knew a horse that after such a surgery stayed without symptoms for years. And when I came back home I was very jolly again.

In May 1998 for diversion I got an inflammation of my ligaments. For the first time since long I again had to stand in the box for three months. As long as Galina stood close to me this was OK. But I got upset if she withdrew from my box. Thus in front of our shed a small paddock was build for us, so that Galina could move herself at least a little bit and I couldn't move too much. When the time came that the boss should restart to guide me outside for a couple of minutes, someone let me out of our paddock. Full of joy we ran the paddock up and down over and over again. in the evening I had an inflammation of the sinew. The boss almost fainted when the vet diagnosed this and came back for another three months in the paddock with Galina.

In September 1998 our so far last new member arrived. A ten-year-old thoroughbred mare named Zara. In fact notably Galina should have been pleased about the new grey mare. It was due to Zaras presence that she didn't have to stand the full three months with me on the paddock. But most lucky must have been the eight-year-old daughter of our boss. Originallly pony Pinokjo has been purchased for her, but Vivien couldn't cope with his pighead and overwhelming temperament. In the beginning Zara was very nervous. During the first days she was afraid to eat inside of her shed, shyed away from everything and looked miserably. But Vivien loved her right from the start and in the meantime the two became bosom buddies.

I celebrated my 21st birthday on the 18th of June 1999 and actually I'm so fit that I may join for a hack twice or thrice weekly.

That's it for now, nickering yours faithfully


the Black Eagle!


P. S.: On occasion I will let you know what news it has here!


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