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Hufeisen This site wants to be a universal forum regarding the keeping of horses in an open stable, especially your own open stable, horses and their training, health, Do's & Don'ts, and so on. We know that each of these points is a giant topic on its own and can't be examined exhaustively and we don't wan't to raise such a claim. Anyway we hope we could collect some useful information for you. Have fun rummaging!

If you are interested especially in our horses, of which one could be seen in the video above, have a look at our sibbling site

Each horse has his/her own area there and surely there are some interesting and funny pictures to discover.


At this point a comment to all the poor surfers still bound to a modem or "farmers-DSL": This site intensively uses fotos with a resolution of mostly 800x600 pixels. Of course we know that this does load very slowly over a narrow width cable. On the other hand surely it wouldn't be fun with pictures of stamp size and therefor we conciously decided to use graphics of respectable size and we hope for the appreciation of all "narrow-gaugers"!


Oh, BTW: If you don't understand German and had been wondering what "" and "Glückliche Dreckspatzen" means:

"Offenstall" means "open stable" and "Glückliche Dreckspatzen" means "Happy litterbugs" Zunge raus

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